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RTB Logo

Back from their recent summer break, huge congratulations are in order for Rothwell Temperance Band for their wonderful performance and 12th place finish at the prestigious British Open Championship contest held at Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

The band, from a number three draw, delivered a dynamic and moving portrayal of Thierry Deleruyelle’s magnificent test piece, ‘Fraternity’.

‘Fraternity’ was a particularly demanding test piece for all sections of the band. Conductor David Roberts worked not only on the technical aspects of the music, but also took great care to ensure that the passion and the portrayal of the story was evident throughout the performance.

The band would like to offer special congratulations to Principal Cornet, Jonathon Hammond, for his excellent solo work as well as his leadership of the section on the day. It was also a true honour to welcome back soprano cornet player, Paul Argyle, who proved that his technical ability had not faltered during his five year absence from the band.

All the band’s principal players are also to be praised for their outstanding performance, which mesmerised supporters and spectators alike. What’s more, even with this particularly challenging piece, the percussion team of Joe, Tim, Ben and Daan, together with the terrific skills of newly appointed Ross, also made a notable and energetic contribution to the day.

As a result of their hard work and commitment, the band, whilst striving for a higher podium finish, achieved a respectable 12th place and praise from the adjudicators for their magnificent performance.