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4th July 2017

Can I Buy Xanax Uk, Xanax Online Visa

The band will have it's final rehearsal before a well earned summer holiday on Sunday 23rd July from 11:30 to 1:30.
29th June 2017

Xanax Brand Online

Saturday 1st July sees the launch of a brand new CD from the Rothwell Temperance Band entitled Orb & Sceptre. The CD, priced at £10, will go on sale at the band’s ‘Big Band Spectacular’ this Saturday 1st July 2017 at Blackburn Hall, Rothwell at 7pm.
22nd June 2017

Xanax Buy Uk

Only 2 days to go until the 'Big Band Spectacular'!
12th June 2017

Xanax Paypal

The band were out and about in the Tameside & Saddleworth Districts on Friday as the “greatest free music show on Earth” took place in the form of the Whit Friday March Contests.
31st May 2017

Cheap Xanax Bars Online

Congratulations to Danny Riley for winning the band's fantasy football competition.
13th May 2017

Xanax Online Reviews 2013

Huge congratulations to the band's MD Dave Roberts who conducted NASUWT Riverside Band to a fantastic result at The Grand Shield today.
2nd May 2017

Buy Xanax Wholesale

The band has now released the news that one of its longest serving former players and one of the finest soprano cornet players in the country, Paul Argyle, is to return to the band with immediate effect.
25th April 2017

Buying Xanax In Buenos Aires

The Rothwell Temperance Band is delighted to announce the appointment of Jon Hammond as its new principal cornet. Former Principal Cornet and Drum Major of the King's Division Band and long-time soprano cornet player at Rothwell
22nd March 2017

Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Shipping Online

The band are deeply shocked and saddened at the news of the sudden passing of our former percussionist Darren Boiston. Darren was hugely respected by everyone at RTB and our