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David Roberts LGSM
Musical Director

David Roberts is the highly successful conductor of the Rothwell Temperance Band. He was principal cornet of the band aged just 14. He studied in Norway, and on his return won the best instrumentalist at the North of England Solo Championships, before moving to Black Dyke Band on solo cornet in 1990. He was part of the band's excellent grand slam year in 1995.

He began conducting Rothwell in 1993 and holds the record of six consecutive qualifications from the Yorkshire Area during the band's rise from 3rd Section to Championship between 1994 and 1999. In the last ten years he has won no fewer than 22 first prizes including 6 major titles: The Swiss Open, Pontins (2000), the Senior Cup (2003), The All England International Masters (2006) and the coveted Yorkshire Area Championship and Grand Shield (2009), and (2015) as well as three consecutive top six finishes at the Royal Albert Hall.

His very first international competition was successful as he won the Norwegian National Championship with the Sandefjord Brass Symposium in the Greig Hall, Bergen. This led to many other bands wanting his services and these include a 2nd place with Tertnes band in 2016.

His recent record with the NASWT Riverside band is very impressive. Qualification from the Senior cup to the Grand Shield was followed by their highest finish ever in the Grand Shield(4th) and three qualifications to the Royal Albert Hall in three attempts including the recent two successive North Of England Championship titles in 2017 and 2018 He is a music teacher at the Bradford Grammar School and Silcoates school.

He also enjoys promoting Brass in Junior Schools (Bronte House School and Altofts )As an adjudicator. David is increasingly in demand. He has adjudicated the Swiss Nationals in Montreaux and many area qualifying championships including Yorkshire,the Northwest, Midlands and the championship sections in the West Of England and Scotland.

Front Row Cornets

James McCabe
Principal Cornet
Andrew Wallis
Assistant Principal Cornet
Michael Green
Solo Cornet
Andrew Riley
Solo Cornet

Back Row Cornets

Paul Argyle
Soprano Cornet
Adam Hofland-Ward
Repiano Cornet
Liam Spedding
2nd Cornet
Clare Lovatt
2nd Cornet
Campbell Feeeman
3rd Cornet
Richard Glascodine
3rd Cornet


Vikki Holland
Flugel Horn
Catherine Roberts
Solo Horn
Johnny Walmsley
1st Horn
Dan Riley
2nd Horn

Euphonium & Baritones

Dan Morgan
Solo Euphonium
Neil Johnson
2nd Euphonium
Jack Telfer
Solo Baritone
Glyn Kearsley
2nd Baritone


Joe Heartfield
Solo Trombone
Andy Eastwood
2nd Trombone
Glyn Thompson
Bass Trombone


Simon Moffat
Solo Eb Bass
Andy Goldfinch
Eb Bass
Ben Ridgeon
Solo BBb Bass
Chris Harrison
BBb Bass
Graham Williams
BBb Bass


Joe Loukes
Ben Scholes
Ross Royal