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New Principal Cornet

The Rothwell Temperance Band is delighted to announce the appointment of Jon Hammond as its new principal cornet.

Former Principal Cornet and Drum Major of the King’s Division Band and long-time soprano cornet player at Rothwell, Jon will lead the band in the next stage of its exciting journey and replaces brother Tim, who has taken the decision to leave the band and re-join Black Dyke on the solo cornet bench.

Said the band’s Musical Director Dave Roberts:

David Roberts
“The band and I extend great thanks to Tim for his tenure at Rothwell but I am delighted to appoint Jon to the principal cornet seat and am certain his musicality, leadership skills and persona will help lead the band through the next stages of its development.”

In a further announcement of good news, Dave commented:

David Roberts
“I’m also thrilled that long serving former member of the band and friend Glyn Thompson is returning on bass trombone. Glyn is a fantastic player and a real part of the Rothwell family.”