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Category: Buy Gador Xanax

1. Crown Imperial
William Walton (arr. Frank Wright)

2. Over The Rainbow – Horn Solo: Catherine Roberts
Arlen & Harburg (arr. Goff Richards)

3. Let’s Face The Music and Dance
Irving Berlin (arr. Goff Richards)

4. Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves
Michael Kamen (arr. Esper Westbye)

5. Londonderry Air – Trombone Solo: Nick Walker
Trad. (arr. John Iveson)

6. Skyfall
Adele Adkins / Paul Epworth (arr. Philip Sparke)

7. Swinging Matilda
Banjo Paterson (arr. Philip Wilby)

8. The Ride of the Valkyries
Richard Wagner (arr. Derek Ashmore)

9. Intrada Festivo
Steven Bulla

10. The Night We Called It A Day – Bariton Solo: Andy Padgett
Tom Adair / Matt Dennis (arr. Nigel Wears)

11. Valero
James Swearingen (arr. Sandy Smith)

12. In Heaven – Fulgel Horn Solo: Vikki Holland
Tom Brevik

13. Devil’s Dream Hoedown
Trad. (arr. Sandy Smith)

14. Procession To The Minster
Richard Wagner (arr. Howard Snell)