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It always gives us great pleasure to announce a new player joining the band, however this announcement is particularly special…

We’re delighted to welcome to the band Joseph Heartfield, who at the age of just 13(!) will be joining the band on Solo Trombone!

Joseph started playing the Trombone when he was just 6 years old, and has since gone on to play for a number of high-profile bands across the country, including the National Children’s Brass Band for Great Britain, the Yorkshire Youth Band and the Yorkshire Imperial Band to name but a few.

A true testament to his superb playing skills, just last year Joseph won the Best Soloist award at the National and European Youth Championships, as well as taking the Soloist prize at the Shirebrook Entertainment Contest! Not bad for the age of 13, wouldn’t you agree?

Conductor, Dave Roberts, had the following to say about the news:

‘Joseph is without doubt one of the best young players I’ve heard in years. I’m immensely excited to be working with him and to be given the opportunity to help develop such a natural and talented young player’

We hope you all join us in welcoming our Joseph to the RTB Family!