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RTB Launches the ‘Crown Jewels’



Saturday 1st July sees the launch of a brand new CD from the Rothwell Temperance Band entitled Orb & Sceptre.

The title track of the same name, is the famous march composed by Sir William Walton for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953 and kicks-off the musical tone with grandeur and regality, synonymous with the sound of RTB.

The 13-track CD boasts some high quality playing and features five of the band’s esteemed soloists, including RTB’s new principal cornet player Jon Hammond performing ‘On with the Motley’ on Eb Soprano Cornet, Andy Padgett (Baritone) playing the beautiful ‘Donegal Bay’ by Paul Lovatt-Cooper, Nick Walker (Trombone) playing ‘Dark Eyes,’ Dan Morgan (Euphonium) performing ‘Peace,’ and Vikki Holland (Flugel Horn) playing Fahy’s ‘Magh Seola.’

With music to captivate every sense, this CD is an exciting, high quality musical journey, guaranteed to make you keen to catch the band in a live performance.

The CD, priced at £10, will go on sale at the band’s ‘Big Band Spectacular’ this Saturday 1st July 2017 at Blackburn Hall, Rothwell at 7pm.

Purchases can also be made via the band’s website at Xanax Bars Buy Online

Full Track Listing:

  1. Orb and Sceptre
  2. Magh Seola (Flugel Horn: Vikki Holland)
  3. The Banks of Green Willow
  4. Ae Fond Kiss (Tenor Horn: Catherine Roberts)
  5. Sunset Over the River Exe
  6. Donegal Bay (Baritone: Andy Padgett)
  7. Into the Sky
  8. On with the Motley (Soprano Cornet: Jon Hammond)
  9. Guardian of My Soul
  10. Dark Eyes (Tenor Trombone: Nick Walker)
  11. Hommage à Adolphe Sax
  12. An American in Paris
  13. Peace (Euphonium: Dan Morgan)