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Today the band enjoyed their annual BBQ and football match before receiving a well earned three week break.

Many friends and family members of the band sat and cherished moments of excellence and also some moments of catastrophe from the game whilst eating some fine food and enjoying some delightful beverages. The game began with the two captains Dave Roberts and Danny Riley tossing a coin to decide the first picking of players and the rest is history. Kick off came around and within the first 10 minutes Danny’s team went 1-0 with a goal from the captain himself. But it was soon followed by goals from both teams to end the half at 3-2 to Dave’s team.

The second half was opened by a goal from son of Dave Roberts, Ben who instigated a 15 minute onslaught in which Dave’s team lead 6-2 with 30 minutes left to play. This was followed by a heartfelt comeback from Danny’s team, although it was not quite enough to salvage a victory: The game ended 7-4.

After the match we caught up with the team captains. Danny stated that:

“I am not happy with my teams performance in the second half and it cost us”.

Dave also stated that:

“Revenge is sweet after last years defeat and Danny is a sore loser”.

On a side note, an honourable mention has to go out to Andy Riley for coming out of retirement after a 15 year absence to play 90 minutes of football, to the complete shock of everyone at the band. Also, it has to be made known that many band members are in the process of preparing a pre-season training camp!! (It’s just a friendly game lads) However, thankfully the day was a success for all in attendance. Time for a well-earned summer break.