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Whit Friday Marches

The band were out and about in the Tameside & Saddleworth Districts on Friday as the “greatest free music show on Earth” took place in the form of the Whit Friday March Contests. The band were in fantastic shape and were placed in the top four at six out of eight contests entered in Tameside although disappointingly, after some initial confusion with misreported results, this was not quite enough to earn one of the three overall prizes for the District.

Conductor David Roberts was delighted with how the band performed but expressed some regret at the pre-planned decision to move across into Saddleworth rather than complete all twelve contests in Tameside

“I thought the playing was fabulous all night, particularly Jon Hammond who was absolutely outstanding on his first outing as Principal Cornet. My only regret is moving into Saddleworth as the results were pretty disappointing and missing four contests in Tameside perhaps cost us an overall prize.”
David Roberts

The band’s next engagement is our ‘Big Band Spectacular’ at the Blackburn Hall in Rothwell featuring special guests the Garforth Jazz Rock Band and pianist Nigel Wears. It’s shaping up to be a fabulous night of music making and fun so please join us if you’re in the area at 19:00hrs on Saturday July 1st!