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New Signing
24th April 2020
Passing of Peter Argyle
26th November 2020



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Tonight the band can announce the departure of Claire Westacott (Flugel). Claire and family have decided to relocate and move to Wales. Claire has been such a helpful member of the band and would have certainly been a front runner for ‘Bandsman of the year’. We would like to wish Claire and Rob and Jessica the very best for their new venture in Wales. Thankyou for your commitment, energy and baking skills Claire🍰

In other news, Danny Riley has moved from 2nd horn onto 2nd Baritone. Danny was originally solo Baritone at Skelmanthorpe band but moved to Horn so that he was able to join Rothwell. Danny has done a great job on horn, winning most improved player twice! MD Dave and Danny have spoken over the last few months and Danny expressed his preference in playing Baritone. Dave believes that this will really strengthen the section.

We would also like to wish Annie Wilkins good luck on her year in Germany as part of her university course. We will welcome her back to RTB in 2021.

We would like to thank Claire for all she has done for the band and send best wishes to Annie as well as say congratulations to Danny!