Lest we forget

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8th November 2019
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1st December 2019

Lest we forget

As we reach 11 o’clock on Remembrance Day, we deemed it fitting to pay our tributes to those who gave their today for our tomorrow.

The band would like to thank all who attended Sunday’s remembrance service in Rothwell, and especially to those who braved the cold to join us on Saturday for what was a wonderful evening in celebration of the glorious array of music associated with our country.

We hope this can become a welcomed tradition for many, as we aim to build on the success of Saturday night in order to bring many more concerts of this nature to you in the future.

Thankyou to our very own, ‘Campbell Freeman’ for his wonderful narration of the concert, and to ‘Liam Spedding’ for his brilliant performance of the ‘Last Post’.

Also, the band would like to thank the ‘Girls Friendly Society’ along with ‘Rothwell Victoria’ for delivering some heartfelt words of poetry and theatre.

A special mention must go to ‘Gordon Roberts’ (88), whose arrangement of ‘Spitfire Prelude’ was performed by the band on Saturday night. Being the father of MD, Dave, as well as being such a popular figure among Rothwell and the banding world, It was a poignant moment for all to perform such a wonderful piece.

Lest we forget.