Concert Collection Vol. 2
21st January 2020
The Most Wonderfull Time Of The Year
21st November 2020
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Orb and Sceptre


  1. Orb and Sceptre
  2. Magh Seola (Flugel Horn: Vikki Holland)
  3. The Banks of Green Willow
  4. Ae Fond Kiss (Tenor Horn: Catherine Roberts)
  5. Sunset Over the River Exe
  6. Donegal Bay (Baritone: Andy Padgett)
  7. Into the Sky
  8. On with the Motley (Soprano Cornet: Jon Hammond)
  9. Guardian of My Soul
  10. Dark Eyes (Tenor Trombone: Nick Walker)
  11. Hommage à Adolphe Sax
  12. An American in Paris
  13. Peace (Euphonium: Dan Morgan)

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